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 Thank you for purchasing BBT LED  Light

     BBT provides a warranty time ( Note depending of the product type the light source will have a rated life span in 

     hours.), we guarantee that the product under normal using and maintenance will perform to its rated specifications.

Terms of the warranty

  If within warranty time from the date of purchase there is a fault due to manufacturing processes of materials 

    failure, the product will be replaced. 

  Accessories, auxiliary devices and the cost of shipping are not covered by the BBT replacement warranty 


  When the product is returned to the BBT agent there must be valid details of proof of purchase.

The following conditions do not apply to BBT warranty Time

  Products are outside the warranty period

 Products are connected with inappropriate power supply, and the  product failed by installation damage.

 The damage is caused by unauthorized modifications by the user.

  The product failure and damage are caused b "force manure " such as lighting strike, fire, flood, and 


  If a warranty card is supplied the details listed on the card are not consistent with the product type.

 Any damage to the light fixture or lamp holder is not covered by this warranty .


 Do not put lamps under high temperature combustible goods, so as not to risk fire or electronic shock.

 In the condition of a fault, please switch off the power supply immediately and contact the agent tor manufacturer.


For keeping the lamps brightness, please clean the lamps regularly. Lams can be wiped with a soft moistened 

   cloth followed by a dry cloth.

 Do not wipe the surface of the lamps with volatile materials.

 Do not sprinkle chemicals onto the surface of the lamps, this can result in discolor or damage.