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Linear LED Lights

We, a leading manufacturer of LEDs solutions, offer a range of linear led light fixtures. Our in-house developed linear LEDs solutions amalgamate aesthetic and the cutting-edge technology together, giving users an alternative to conventional bay area lighting. The energy efficient linear led high bay lighting solutions revolutionise the furnishing approach to the lighting of the interior work environments and settings.

Our range of linear LED low bay fixtures have almost negligible carbon footprints and offer improved lumens per watt performance—the solutions have elongated life in comparison tube-light based fixtures and does not strain eyes of workers.

In our linear led high bay lighting, we use high brightness system, which is engineered to delivers strain-free white light, eliminating the demerit of the early days LED systems. Our fixtures emit high-volume soft white light, creating a conducive environment of the modern working settings.

Designed to eliminate socket shadows and the hassle of the maintenance, our linear LEDs light products have the system life of more than 50,000 hours. Unlike other LEDs system, the performance of the fixtures does not vary with time and remains consistent in terms of colour, luminance, and lighting quality.

Our range of linear LED low bay fixtures goes through a strict quality check at multiple stages to achieve uniform quality.