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How to choose LED High Bay to win the market

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How to choose LED High Bay to win the market? This is a problem for our clients, there are many different LED High Bay in the market, different price, different shape, different size, crazy for our clients.But we have to be 

careful, LED high bay is high value product than other product, if there is any failure within warranty time, the local 

clients will call you to replace them, how to provide after service for the failure LED high bay, BBT believe many clients 

meet this situation, and can not get a good after service from suppliers, this is terrible situation for clients. Now, BBT 

share some details how to choose LED High Bay to win the market.

1. Price is lower than the average market, fake materials instead of true brand materials, the quality is not stable, give up!

2. All the materials from small factory or company. Big factory or company means to better quality controlling. Driver, LED       and Heat sink are main parts of LED High, they affect the LED High Bay lifespan,give up!

3. No any certification, certification is required for every market, if LED High Bay without any certification, give up!

4. Sales man is not professional. Client may meet some sales who is not professional, you have to spent a lot of time and       energy to explain, low efficiency, give up!

5. Language problem.many sales on the market, some of them have bad communication language, 

crazy to communication, give up!

6. Small size with high power LED High Bay. LED High Bay needs enough aluminum or copper to heat dissipate, some           suppliers want to save the housing cost, provide lighter or small size heat dissipation for a high power LED High Bay, 

this will affect the lifespan of driver and LEDs, give up!

7.COB LED and SMD LED, two choices for LED High Bay, COB LED High Bay cost is a little higher than SMD LED, we           can choose based on our business.


  Business needs to be careful, when you choose LED High Bay from the market, especially for the international business, you and BBT need to be more professional, then we can win the market.